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Viktoria Sears Memorial

born 11-24-55 died 1-12-2019
To my shock I just found out my dear friend Viktoria Sears passed away in January. Viktoria was a dynamo in every way conceivable. A Chiropractor, Message Therapist, Acupuncturist, Healer, Spiritualist, Mystical Adventurer, Inca Shaman and Four Winds Member with a driving inner force that was unprecedented and relentless. She is a real inspiration to the seeking of truth in the universe and the understanding/comprehension of the meaning of our existence as humans on this earth and in the universe.
She will be missed on many levels. She and I did our dance for many years and she introduced me to Melchizedek and the Flower of Life meditation; which was transformative. Also in the 90’s she passed on one of the first Kombacha Mushrooms to me which multiplied and were given away to friends long before its commercialism.
With Deep Love and respect!
So Be It and on to your new adventure!
Love You Vik!
Vik here in Peru with a Q’ero Inca Shaman and her beautiful smile!
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