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Frank Gambale Day

Frank Gambale (born 22 December 1958) is an Australian jazz fusion guitarist. He has released twenty albums over a period of three decades, and is known for his use of the sweep picking and economy picking techniques.

Gambale graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood with Student of the Year honors and taught there from 1984 to 1986.

After graduation, he played the jazz club circuit with his own band. In 1985, his first album, Brave New Guitar, appeared on Legato Records, which was owned by Mark Varney, brother of Mike Varney, the founder of Shrapnel Records. Gambale signed with Victor Entertainment in 1989 as part of a five-album agreement and released Thunder from Down Under, the following year.

In 1998 he started his own record label, Wombat Records, after purchasing his Legato discography with the intention of reissuing it himself. A live double album, Resident Alien – Live Bootlegs, was released in 2001, along with Imagery Suite; a duet featuring classical guitarist Maurizio Colonna. He released Coming to Your Senses on Favored Nations, a record label owned by guitarist Steve Vai. In 2004, he released Raison D’etre, through Wombat Records, his first album to be self-released.

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