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World Music on Flamenco Fridays with Tanguillo

The tanguillo is a form, a palo , of flamenco. He developed from the mid-19th century in Cádiz as a variant of Tango flamenco .

In 1846, the authorities of the city of Cádiz issued rules to distinguish the local tango gaditano from the tango americano . However, the Tanguillo in its various forms known today only emerged towards the end of the 19th century, when the tango in Andalusia developed from its Afro-American roots to tango flamenco. Groups like the Carnival Association Las Viejas Ricascoined the Tanguillo gaditano end of the 19th century.

The Tanguillo is played, sung and danced in Cádiz, especially during carnival time. Accordingly, he has a lively, cheerful character. Characteristic of many Tanguillos is their polyrhythmics : the classical two-beat rhythm of the tango mixes and overlaps with the threefold rhythms of flamenco. Thanks to its rhythmic variety, the Tanguillo offers great freedom in the choice of metering and text design. Most commonly used is the Cuarteta romanceada , a stanza of four eight-syllable verses.

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