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World Music with David Cerreduela

World Music on Flamenco Fridays with David Cerreduela performing Rondena.

A Rondeña is a palo or musical form of flamenco originating in the town of Ronda in the province of Málaga in Spain.

In common with other palos originating in Málaga, the rondeña antedated flamenco proper and became incorporated into it during the 19th century.

The rondeña has its origin in the fandango malagueño and it is said that it is “the oldest fandango actually known”.

According to the experts, the name does not derive from “nocturnal rounds”, as some have suggested, but is based solely on the name of the town Ronda.

The rondeña spread enormously throughout Andalusia in the 19th century, to such an extent that numerous foreign observers, touring the region at the time, referred to it later in their writings.

Flamenco guitarist from the neighborhood of “Caño Roto”, one of the cradles of flamenco in Madrid.

Currently he is one of the most sought-after guitarists in the flamenco field. He has worked with most of the great flamenco stars such as Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Enrique Morente and others, who have their music in their shows, since he is one of the flamenco guitarists with the most personality for his musical language and sound. 

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