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World Music with AL-Mawror

Abenamar, is a member of the so-called Old Ballads (Romances of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries) border romance, the piece is a conversation between King John II of Castile (reigning between 1426 and 1454) and the Moor Abenamar, character presented as having special qualities, following the presentation of Abenamar, this tells the king’s vision of the palaces would be conquered, because they were near Granada. This Sephardi version of romance is captured in the city of Melilla, presents a number of stanzas smaller than the classic version, in which not only the view of the Alhambra described, as in this, but also of other Grenadians monuments such as the Generalife, Torres Bermejas, Alixares or the old mosque. In other versions besides the romance has a denouement in which the king expressed his desire to marry a city of Granada converted metaphorically woman for the occasion. In our version we ended the romance with music based on fandangos of the province of Granada, first with an instrumental link inspired fandangos-verdiales of the region of Loja, Huétor Tajar very close stylistically to “Chacarrás Iznájar” and finish off with last stanza by fandangos de Granada (fandangos de Frasquito Yerbabuena), in the last stanza the introduction of a “modernism” by the “singer-informant” to replace the old currency romance “las doblas” by “los duros” noticeable outstanding during the twentieth century.

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