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The Cosmos with NGC 6726

NGC 6726 in Corona Australis

This beautiful star forming region in the constellation Corona Australis has so much to offer, with many outstanding nebula and unusual objects. One of the more dynamic and colorful areas in the southern sky. There is an annotated image for reference.

 It features NGC 2726-27 a blue reflection nebula which are clouds of interstellar dust lit up by the bright nearby stars and IC 4812 is another.

NGC 6729 is the diamond shaped object which is an Emission/Reflection nebula  object that is also a variable nebula.

Bernes 157 and SL 41 are areas called Dark Nebula interstellar clouds that are dense enough to obscure the light from behind.

Herbig-Haro or HH objects are small patches of nebulosity linked to new born stars. Stars that are or have ejected gas and that gas collides with nearby clouds of gas at enormous speeds. There are many of these objects in this image.

Telescope: 16″ RCOS, FLI 16803, Planewave 200HR CTIO Chile.

21 Hours Luminance, 14.5 Red, 13.5 Green, 13.5 Blue

62 Hours Total

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