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Bobby Radcliff Day

Bobby Radcliff, born Robert Radcliff Ewan, is an American blues guitarist, singer, songwriter and painter. Radcliff, raised in Bethesda, Maryland, began playing guitar at the early age of 12, attending a variety of concerts that would come through the area (Blues, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, Country, Rock, Jazz, etc.). Radcliff played in a number of bands beginning at age 13, as both a guitarist and vocalist.

He is known for his position in the band “The Yarbs” (bandleader Chris Pestalozzi) which played cover songs, standards, and originals, crossing many genres, with an emphasis on original compositions and Blues. In 1968, Radcliff also joined “The Northside Blues Band”, alongside Brett Littlehales (harmonica), Guy Dorsey (keyboard), William Bowman (bass), and Van Holmead (drums).

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