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  • Reviews

    “Mick Labriola charmed with the lightness of his percussion playing on the variety of instruments. This musician is endowed with an unusual knowledge making contact with the audience masterfully with great dynamic and feeling, playing unusually complicated Sephardic Rhythms.” -from the article, “Voices of Sepharad in Poland”, Folks-Styme Jewish Newspaper, Warsaw, Poland, August, 1990

    “The foreign groups were largely well-received by the crowd. America’s Crossing Boarders featured jazz, blues, and musical numbers from Trinidad and the Arab world—and a particularly wild percussionist, who at one point drummed himself into a trance as he pounded away at the bongo drums with an intensity that brought the crowd roaring to it’s feet.” -from the article, “Palestine International Arts Festival Draws Thousands” -Palestine Report, Jerusalem, Israel 1995