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  • Recording Productions

    Mojo Roots: Prakriti’s Kiss

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    The Mojo Roots trio formulates an enticing aura of exuberance and boogie down jams by coagulating Blues, R & B, Reggae, Ska, Second Line, Funk, Soul and International Rhythms. This dynamic trio were created to provide a musical alternative to the home grown, agriculturally provocative, party-down atmosphere of the Minnesota State Fair. By blending the […]

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    Ancestor Energy: Allwhere

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    “The musical compositions are brilliant; Carei Thomas has scaled the heights and brings back proof. The gathered musical talent (Donald Washington, David Wright, Gary Schulte, Mick LaBriola, Jeroen van Tyn, Jeff Bailey) speak back to the composition with stunning performances. Louis Alemayehu’s poetry and voice and voice work is possessed, spirited; functioning precisely the way it should. Leading us through those labyrinths of discovery.”

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    Songs for Diego: I'm Missing You

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    A Fathers reaction to the Death of his 6 year old boy, expressing his desparate attempt to survive; through this multi-faceted juxtaposition of Folk, Country, Reggae, Sepharadic, Arabic, Bulgarian & Persian genres of Music, Healing & Spirit.

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